How to succeed in making a profitable PC

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This is a laptop.

Getting into more detail, this is a mockup of a personal device or laptop that is designed with the general idea of suiting to each person's different wants and needs. By looking at the success of many products like the iPhone, how I see the trend of Apple's profitability and popularity of its mobile phone is its customizability and personizability. Instead of having standard applications, users are allowed to have their choice of whatever they want. This mock up is based on this principal idea. However, instead of software, this is hardware that's customizable. You are looking at multiple configurations of different aspects of hardware. What comes to mind right now is different keyboard configs, a selection of wacom-tablets/mousepads, attachable accesories along the display, DVD-drive, etc.

Our personal gadgets are personalized to our personal needs. To extend this idea into what we use the most, our computers? Sounds great.

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