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The eCorkboard is a device that resembles a digital picture frame. Digital pictures can be uploaded to the eCorkboard to display while in standby mode. Once the touch-sensitive screen is activated, a menu that allows you to access a shopping list, “to do” list, a calendar, an Instant Messenger applet and a phone book appears. The information entered on the menu options, using a pop-up digital keyboard, is instantly synchronized with any mobile device. Likewise, any information modified via a mobile device is synchronized to the eCorkboard. This will allow, for example, a grocery list to be updated by a wife while her husband is already at the store shopping. The husband is notified of the updated information by a tone and/or vibration from the mobile device. Contact information and calendar events will likewise be synchronized. Everyone connected to the eCorkboard will have updated and consistent information, and multiple eCorkboards can be used within a single location and synchronized with each other. The eCorkboard can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, etc. for added convenience.


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    Marc Rosenthal
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