Camper's Heat Utilities

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Portable multi-function Tesla Technology assisted hot water heater, Stove and tent warmer system. This portable battery powered Tesla Switch automatic charging system converts water (2H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen burning flame. This system operates at high voltage and low current, creating a constant heat supply only using 4-12 volt batteries 7Ah each. With the Tesla Switch design and the high voltage pulsing Electrolysis
design, the system can operate more than 96 hour non-stop.

The Tesla Switch has been proven and tested to provide a 50% load capacity for 2 years without any signs of decreasing the maximum battery charge voltage and current.

The only things that you need to add to the system is water and a spark to ignite the gases. The system weight maybe a hikes problem nearly 20 lbs and a little larger than a 6-pack cooler. But will provide a very green heat system, no propane, no wood and no CO2 gases.


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