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INTRODUCTION: TruFlavorWare is a revolutionary, new tabletop flatware that “Simply makes Food taste Better!” It is totally non-metallic, highly organic, eco-friendly and made of a proprietary composite material that has the substantial weight, feel and permanence of quality stainless steel flatware.

TruFlavorWare simply makes food taste better by totally eliminating the three negative, scientifically known, taste reactions that occur when eating with common metal flatware.* It solves the weakest link in the chain of pure food preparation to ultimate taste, delivering the food to the consumer’s palate with all the pure taste advantages as intended by the homemaker or chef.

Additionally, TruFlavorWare has tremendous potential in the health care industry wherein many patients who are on certain medications or in chemotherapy treatment, cannot stand the thought of metal flatware in their mouths due to common, unpleasant taste reactions with stainless steel flatware. The widespread use of cheap, disposable plastic utensils tends to lower the self-esteem of these patients at a time when such feelings are counterproductive and demoralizing.

In short, all the positive benefits of using TruFlavorWare simply add up to making the world a much better place to live in through pleasurable untainted pure taste, nature’s resultant harmonious gift of pure health and environmentally-friendly pure living.

TECHNICAL ABSTRACT: TruFlavorWare is made of a proprietary composite material that is a complex “thermoplastic” structure with longitudinal fillers for added strength and durability. *This remarkable material is totally inert, both electrically and chemically, as well as physically inert to adverse taste reaction ions being generated when in contact with food. These unique qualities of TruFlavorWare are quite the opposite to the negative taste generating properties of metal flatware (i.e., “the problem”).

The eye-catching utensils are formed on standard plastic injection molding machinery. The TruFlavorWare design variations are limitless, bounded only by human imagination. The low production costs (25 cents per utensil) yield an incredible 5X markup even at the low selling price of $19.95 for a place setting service for four people. Additionally, we plan to eventually market other taste-enhancing TruFlavorWare “improved products” such as unbreakable cups, bowls and plates.

Currently, there are no competitors. TruFlavorWare must not be confused with throw-away plastic utensils which commonly exude taste-detectable chemicals and pollute our growing waste sites. TruFlavorWare is totally permanent and can easily outlast metal flatware in overall life expectancy on both fitness and finish to EOL.

Should any would-be competitors emerge, we are confident that our patents will prevail and preclude others from advertising the taste enhancing features of TruFlavorWare.

From a marketing standpoint, anyone who is interested in improved taste or even a change of pace in place settings is a prospective purchaser. Cable channels HGTV and Food Network promote improved taste into 99 million TV households in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of potential TruFlavorWare customers!

We believe that TruFlavorWare uniquely cross-qualifies in three “Create the Future” categories: Consumer Products, Medical Products and Sustainable Technologies.

CONCLUSION: TruFlavorWare “Simply makes Food taste Better!” (i.e., “the solution”)


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