Wise paper punching machine

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Present patent pending innovation provides a quick and convenient method for punching holes through paper and other sheets to be arranged in file.
Hand operated hole punch machines are used to punch holes through the paper sheets or stack of sheets. To keep all the punched sheets filed in a well arranged manner, it is necessary that all the sheets have holes at the same location. Paper sheet are punched to file using clips or ring binder. If using conventional punching machines,the method of finding midpoint of the side of the sheet is time consuming and requires much effort. One has to use his both hands to match the two corners of the sheet and then apply pressure at fold to give fold impression. Then he has to unfold the sheet and put it on the stack of the sheets, if a number of sheets are to be punched. After that he has to slide sheet or stack of sheets into the hole punch, align said midpoint indicator and fold impression before actuating the punch lever. If more sheet(s) are to be punched, he has to get free his hands from punch machine to perform the procedure to find out the midpoint of the side of the other sheets. This is time consuming process and requires unnecessary efforts.
To overcome the above said problems a solution is proposed. According to which presented hole punch machine comprise with a paper gauge having graduated scale with standard paper sizes markings. It allows punching of holes at the exact location through the sheet. Holes can be punched quickly with less effort without damaging and making the sheets dirty.

To use the presented machine, said block is moved and left at a position where pointer lies at the marking of size of the sheet. If punching is to be done along the length, then block should be at the notation followed by ‘L’ and if punching is to be performed along the breadth, then block should be at the notation followed by ‘W’. For example, if Holes are to be punched through an A4 sheet along its length, then block pointer is to be moved to A4 under ‘L’ column.

After leaving the block at appropriate position, sheets are slided under the punching pins properly such that one edge of the sheets touches block and punching actuator is pressed. Holes at the desired location are obtained.


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