Wearable Mobile

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The "Wearable Mobile" concept will revolutionise the world of mobile entertainment for its ease of usability, power cosumption, ergonomic design, environment friendliness and hands-free usage.

Can we develop a "WEARABLE MOBILE", wherein different components are embedded in our shirt/wind-cheater ergonomically.
Like speakers near to ears, mike near to mouth, dialer on lower arms, receiver and transmeter may be on backside etc.
It may have wearable 3-D enabled spectacles to watch video contents,viz online tv, youtube video etc.

And, all the components should communicate through low-range wireless network.

Moreover, we need to look for the following points, while designing "WEARABLE MOBILE".

Material should be
-light weight
-environment friendly
-no side effect on health

-dialer with screen
-display screen (within 3-D enabled Spectacle)

Power source
It should have solar power enabled battery.
Micro solar panel may be placed in upper arms


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