BreezeRite Air Filtration Module

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BreezeRite is an indoor air, modular filtration system that uses new or existing ceiling fans and attaches by interference fit eliminating the need for any mounting hardware.
BreezeRite eliminates the dust build up on the top and forward edge of fan blades and allows the ease of cleaning by simply pulling out the filter housing and rinsing it off - or replacing it with new filters, instead of trying to vacuum, dust or wash down each fan blade.
BreezeRite will provide cleaner, fresher air in any room equipped with a ceiling fan.  In a computer simulated test of a room measuring 16' X 20' X 8' high, one set (5 filters, one for each fan blade) on a single fan eliminated over 75% of circulating airborne particulates, smoke and odor in 20 minutes or less with the fan on high setting.    
By removing more airborne particles, it compliments existing central HVAC units of all types and extends the filter life of these units resulting in less wear and less frequent filter changes and expensive professional cleaning of the A coils.
Breeze Rite is designed to be reversible to accommodate either direction of the fans travel.  Simply place the Breeze Rite filter on the leading edge of the fan blade.
Made from UHMW or recycled plastic materials using injection molding technology, combined with minimal CNC machining practices, and simply size cutting existing bulk rolls of filtration materials for inset. BreezeRite is durable and ultra light weight thus eliminating any excessive drag or wear on the fan motor.  BreezeRite could also be molded to accommodate most irregular fan blade shapes by simply placing it in hot water for a few minutes prior to installation.
The unique dual exhaust port design, allows the filtered air to be vented above and below the fan blade maintaining the maximum amount of air circulation which is the purpose of using a ceiling mounted fan in the first place, only now the air being circulated is cleaner and fresher making a healthier living environment.   
The BreezeRite Filter Housing and Main Housing are a one time purchase, packaged with filters for 5 blades and will literally last for many years under normal every day use and proper cleaning.  Replacement filters can be tailored to meet specific air quality types and are packaged seperately as refills for the housing components.
The filters could also be cleaned with warm water and re-used at least once with out loosing any considerable effectiveness.  It is recommended that they be cleaned after 30 days, and replaced after 60 days under normal conditions.  More frequently in higher airborne particulate concentrated conditions such as; frequently open windows, near-by dirt roads, enclosed smoking areas, high pollen and/or mold counts, etc.
BreezeRite displays located in every retail outlet that supplies ceiling fans would literally market themselves

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