Oil change system

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This is an idea for a more convenient and perhaps even green system to change oil in automobiles. The standard method is to climb under the vehicle and loosen the drain plug from the oil pan and drain fluid, then replace the plug. Also the oil filter must be removed. Often this involves some amount of drip which inevitably ends up contaminating the environment, and this method obviously means laying under the car and getting dirty(unless you go to an oil change place to have it done but this is geared toward do it yourselfers and can make it so easy many people may end up doing it themselves.) My system would utilize a modified drain plug which could be manufactured to fit any vehicle model and which would have a hole and a fitting attached, where a hose or pipe would connect. The hose or pipe could then either be routed to an area near the front of the engine compartment and have a quick disconnect fitting or a valve whereby someone could drain into a pan without climbing underneath the car, or a vacuum device can be used (I have been working on a system which would utilize a shop vac for this purpose). The hose could even be mounted on top of the engine compartment if vacuum is used. This would reduce drips on ground and also make it cheaper for people to do themselves, especially if they are disabled or have trouble getting under a car.


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