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Fact: Wheels of vehicles get stuck (bond) to their mounting surface. The bonding of a wheel to its mounting surface can be quite severe, and can require extreme effort to break the bond, which allows the wheel to be separated from its mounting surface. Physical shock (pounding), and pounding with the application of thermal stress (heating or cooling) is sometimes required to break the bond, which allows the wheel to be separated from the mounting surface. A tool, such as a puller could be used to assist in the release of the wheel from the mounting surface. My invention eliminates the need for 1) a tool (puller), 2) physical shock (pounding), and /or 3) thermal stress (heating or cooling) to separate a wheel from its mounting surface. Application of physical shock can cause physical injury. Kicking with toe or heal and use of a sledgehammer have been observed. Also observed was:
1. One pulling while another hammers.
2. Pulling with garden tractor.
3. Pulling with a winch attached to a tree.
My invention consists of a material that separates the wheel from the mounting surface so that no bond can form. The material can be disposable / recyclable or reusable. The material can be comprised of a polymer (a plastic as in polypropylene), a dipolymer, a floroelastomer, a floropolymer, silicone, or any other such compound or compound mixture, so long as it eliminates the possibility of the wheel bonding to the mounting surface. The material is not limited to non metallic compounds. The material can consist of a pure metal (copper) or alloys. The material can be in the form of a sheet, a spray, a film, or can be brushed on. The material if in sheet form, can have holes in the sheet, to assist in the installation of the sheet. The invention is not limited to the application of wheel bonding to mounting surface. The invention also covers elimination of bonding of any multiple items that one does not want to bond together. The market potential is large. Since no other products exist to meet this need, the product can demand a price.


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