The deaf program

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The program will enable deaf people
all over the world to comunicate freely with their surroundings. It even can enable them
to make phone calls (will be added). According to the degree of their handicaps it will determine the degree of use of the program.

The program contains a few levels:

( picture 1 )

Level one:
Learning program that will enable deaf people to learn reading and writing by an easy way
of image explaining each word ( picture 2,3 ) it will enable them to learn numbers, letters, words and small sentences.

Level two:
Photo dictionary ( picture 4 ) that enables deaf person to search for any word to be explained by photos (the dictionary currently contains 1,400 words)

Level three:
Learn lessons and short stories ( picture 5 ) through this we enable deaf person to continue
their study easily. Any word the deaf person doesn't know he will mark to see the picture that explains its meaning.

Level four:
Communications with other deaf people at school by network chat to enhance their ability to read and write

Level five:
Communication with other people ( picture 6 ) the program will receive our voice and change
it into writing that appears to the deaf person to read it. Any word he does not know he just marks on it to know its meaning by a picture that explains it. Then he writes his answer and the program speak it aloud for us to hear it. The program contains a few saved sentences to
be used directly to enhance his speed of responding.

Other features that can be added:

- The application untill now is just a PC application but I hope that it will be added to a portable device (picture 7 ) that will allow a deaf person to communicate with others anywhere.

- Also we can add making a phone calls to that device as the receiving calls will be changed
into words and the writting will be changed into voices.

In conclusion I just want to say that deaf people count for about 2.5% of the whole population and they reach about 2.6 million people in just a single country and they need our help.


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