The Health Angel

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Most people in the US, have a weight problem, Diabetes is becoming an epidemic. The Health Angel, will assist individuals to make healthy choices, in order to reach their target weight. The reason most people do not make proper food choices, is that it is too inconvenient to keep track of calories consumed. The Health Angel, will not only keep track of personal calorie count, it will do much much more. When first activated it will ask the user for specific profile questions. Such as present weight, desired weight, and desired target date. It will then draw a graph of the timeline, showing a green and red line, to keep you on track. Each time a user wants to eat something, he/she can ask the Health Angel for calorie value of the meal. The unit can then offer healthy replacements for each meal or snack, it can show the user wether the choice made will prolong or shorten the desired target date,allowing the user to make more informed decisions.
With minor modifications, the possibilities are endless. It can remind users to drink water on hot days, it can remind older users to take their pills, it can keep track of sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate. It can show users the calories burned for specific excercises, so that users will know that they would have to run a mile just to burn half a donut. It can also be modified to detect a fall, locate a person in a crowd or any other need that may arise. I think this device would help many people lead more enjoyable lives, and greatly decrease our helthcare costs over time. With the versatility of smart phones, it is an idea whose time has come. Any help you can provide to bring this to fruation, would be greatly appreciated, and a great benefit to humankind. Thank you!


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