TDP (Translucent Decorative Panel)

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TDP addresses an opportunity in the fast growing and large niche of the glass industry – the decorative glass segment. TDP is a new product for the modern decorative glass industry. The product is more durable, aesthetically attractive, allows for more complex design and wider range of colours than existing decorative glass products.
A TDP, consists of two translucent walls in between which a pattern is created using coloured translucent beads. The beads, typically of same or similar shape of 1mm-3mm in diameter, are fixed between the walls. When the light falls on the panel it illuminates the pattern’s image. The panel is suitable for an extensive range of applications – from architectural glass, windows, skylight, wall, ceiling, door, floor and conservatory decorations to articles such as toys, lamps, furniture tops, solar panels, etc. The panel can be made from primary or recycled glass.
The proposed project is based on a patented method of manufacturing that will allow produc-tion at a fraction of time and cost of present decorative techniques. The development of dedicated software for art image processing able to give a precise graphic rendering of the translucent picture will im-prove the quality of the product at design stage. Implementation of computer inte-grated manufacturing techniques will create a seamless production process, from artist idea to realisation.
The Translucent Decorative Panel and its manufacturing process have several advantages over existing decorative glass products, especially stained glass products and their production technologies.


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