Universal Credit Card

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This is a Universal Credit Card. I got vexed with carrying credit cards from different vendors. When customer is supreme in this customer oriented world, I prefer carrying a single credit card.
This is how it is supposed to work.
Stage 1: I get a universal credit card from any one vendor I chose or got approved. Say vendor A
Stage 2
As my credit score grows, naturally I receive pre-approved credit card offers from different vendors. Or I may chose to apply and get an additional credit card from another vendor.

In this stage, instead of getting a new credit card with a different number, I prefer this new vendor(s) to register my universal credit card with him. Say now my universal credit card was registered by two more different vendors vendor B and vendor C. They may give different credit lines and so on as we see them now.

At this stage 2 I carry a single universal credit card that is approved by three different vendors and three different credit limits.

Stage 3: I expect Credit card readers to be modified. When I swipe my universal credit card, it should read my credit and understand for which vendors, this card was approved. It should display options for me chose vendor out of A or B or C
Once my transaction was done that vendor be applied to it.

With that the burden of carrying multiple credit cards goes away.
I have the freedom to chose which vendor be applied at time of transaction. I have freedom to add multiple vendors to same credit card. With that we reduce production of more plastic cards, that way we help planet.


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