Ambulatory Refrigerated Ice Cream Vending Machine

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The objective will be the design and construction of an “Ambulatory Ice Cream Vending Machine, with integrated Refrigeration, moved by Human Power”. The project will be part of a student group of Mechanical Engineering, of the University UTESA, Dominican Republic. The team will be lead by Prof. Eduardo Sagredo. The principle of operation will be that at the two front wheels of the Ice Cream Cava; will have a DC Electric Generator that will move a refrigeration compressor that will maintain proper cooling of ice cream cava. The mechanical power will be obtained via normal bicycle transmission system of the back wheel. The transmission system will have 3 velocities. Also, the refrigerating machine can be used at night hours, when at rest at its deposit, using electric power from external sources, such as the electric grid, using a power rectifier. The system will have integrated instrumentation and controls, to optimize energy for the human comfort of salesman.
The main problem our system solves is avoiding the melting of the ice cream during the sales. Also avoids the need to relocate every night the unsold ice cream.
Increase the quality of the ice cream at moment of sales, keeping it more robust at the moment. Therefore we expect to increase the sales in benefit of poor salesman of the street. Also the hygienically status of the ice cream will be preserved, and therefore avoid sickness due to spoiling or bacteria.
All ice cream cars in the Dominican market, at present don’t have any refrigeration. Therefore our idea will radically change the form of marketing.
Application in all tropical underdeveloped countries, such as in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc.
Market potential in the Dominican Republic the ambulatory sales of refrigerated goods, well exceeds the thousands.
The inertial forces of the tricycle will produce electrical energy to move refrigerating system. When at rest and slow speed, no generating will be done.
Product manufacturing based on local enterprise with the team members will be formed to manufacture and commercialize the car.
This system will be more expensive, but the increase in the quality of the sales product should increase the overall sales, plus eliminate the lost to the ice cream salesmen, who generally are very poor. Note the poor salesmen are the actual owner of the ice cream, although not the owner of the sales car. He loses all merchandize, if it melts or don’t sell.


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    Eduardo Sagredo
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    Eduardo D Sagredo
    Jheyson J Moreta
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    Junior Dupont
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    Ramon Ramirez
    Kelvin Nolasco
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