Lazy Gym

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With the more and more of the population becoming obese, we have become a very health conscious nation and exercise equipment is a hot seller. They lazy gym solves many of customers excuses of why they can't exercise such as I can't afford a gym membership, I don't have time, I have no place for the equipment to store and it just doesn't fit with the decor. The lazy gym is a recliner that is made of microsuede or leather so if you get sweat on it, it can easily be wiped down and cleaned. The head rest comes up and pulls down in front of you so you can do lat bar exercises. The armrests open up and have tension cords with handles so you can do arm curls and other arm exercises. The footrest comes out and up so you can do leg lifts and other leg exercises. The recliner will fold out flat like a weight bench so they can do a variety of free weight exercises. Customers can exercise in the comfort of their home while they watch t.v. or listen to music. The customer can save money on a gym membership with this home gym. It will fit right in with their decor and the exercise capabilities will be hidden in the furniture. Customers will have plenty of time to exercise as they can do it while they are sitting down watching their favorite show. Customers won't have to hide bulky equipment and store it and they will be getting 2 for the price of 1, furniture and exercise equipment. Many people purchase expensive exercise equipment and never use it. This way it will still get use as furniture if they don't exercise. It is another way similar to the WII to get Americans excited about exercising.


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