Electrostatic Loudspeaker

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History has shown that electrostatic loudspeakers have a limited lifespan, and needs to be cleaned and repaired every now and then.
This electrostatic loudspeaker has a new design, totally
open and very easy to do maintenance on. The frame, painted red on the picture, holds the sound emitting 12 um conductive Mylar membrane taut. This design also gives the loudspeaker a striking appearance.

This frame also supplies necessary bias voltage to the membrane. On each side of the membrane there are stators, consisting of one mm thick, insulated, perforated aluminium or plastic sheets. They hang on the membrane by means of four 2.5 mm thick rubber magnet strips, clamping the membrane in between.

There are also small blocks between lower frame bar and stators to support the weight of the stators. The stators are easily removed to allow access to the membrane when cleaning is needed. The black box contains the drive electronics such as impedance transformers and HV bias voltage supply.


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