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Almost everybody is doing exercise in the morning. They used to peddle the cycle in home as their routine exercise. This concept is been developed by combining the washing machine with this peddling exercise. Thus our product consists usual cycle but the chain will be in front and the washing machine drum assembly will be assembled to the front chain drive. the stirrer in the washing machine was designed such a way for very good rinsing of the clothes. Both the way the stirrer will rotate such that the clothes will be rinsed and washed properly. Using this product only light clothes can be washed.

This is a multipurpose product which help in the following ways:
1) Power Saving
2) Health Consciousness
3) Helping the family members
4) Eco-friendly

Wash your clothes in your washing machine without worrying about electricity bills. It does not consume electric power for its operation - it is pedal powered.And, at the same time you can exercise peddling. A person can wash clothes peddling the "Concept-e" washing machine. Thus, in the process it does not even produce any sort of emissions.


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