Multi Functional Pacifier

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My idea is self explanatory, I believe that buiding on what has come along so far and incorporating these things into 1 tool is exactly what the parenting world needs. I am working on a multifunctional pacifier for babies. Anyone who is a parent knows that parenting is a job that requires multitasking. My invention would save time, space, energy and resources.
I want to create a pacifier that can attach to the baby bottle for feeding, serve as a pacifier on its own without the rest of the bottle, and have an attachment to insert medicine so that medication can be dispensed from the pacifier.
This creation would relieve issues such as baby falling asleep during a feeding and waking up when the bottle is taken away while you frantically search for a pacifier. It can have a piece that can be attached to the outer part of the pacifier so that the baby does not suck in air. The baby can complete his feeding and continue to suck in the pacifier without having to wake up to switch out the bottle for a separate pacifier.
My pacifier would also make giving oral meds a breeze (which most parents know can be challenging, often times struggling to make sure that when a syringe is used the baby will simply spit out the medicine. If the medicine is offered from the child's favorite, most soothing object- the pacifier, he/she can take thier medicine without a hitch and without even knowing what has just happened. In the past I have seen a pacifier medicine dispenser, but what I propose is an attachment to the pacifier which would have dose/measurements included so a child can have thier appropriate medication without a hassle.
The basic component of this mulitfunctional contraption is the pacifier itself, which most children love. The advantage is you wouldn't have to shoosh them or calm them down after brief interruptions in order to give them something for an ear ache or tooth pain or even a fever, they can get their nutrition and medication from that same soothing little pacifier.
All these components -- pacifier, bottle, medication attachment -- can be packaged together in an appealing way. This would save space in your baby bag, money in your wallet as you would not have to purchase a bunch of individual items for several purposes and it would save the environment countless resources in packaging which more likely will end up in a landfill. It would save the earth energy in production and waste as well because disposing of several pacifiers, bottles, and medication dispensers once the child outgrows them is far more than disposing of 1 mulitfunctional item. It woould mean less to carry around and make trips anywhere easier. It would also give the parents an opportunity to be prepared for various situations with one tool.
Parents everywhere have mastered the art of multitasking. Even cell phones can multitask. I want to bring the baby pacifier into our multitasking world.


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