Wind2Go - Portable Wind Generator

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Wind and solar energy are the two most abundant renewable energy sources on the planet. Current state of the art solar panels and wind generators are bulky, expensive and difficult to transport and deploy.

Wind2Go is the first portable wind generator on the market capable of delivering electricity where and when is needed most. Its compact size allows ultimate portability and ease of installation in any weather and any terrain. It is assembled in less than a minute and ready to collect wind energy and store it in rechargeable battery, which can be easily swapped for an empty one when fully charged. This way, you will never be without electricity again...even at night!

Although, it is primarily designed to be used in emergency crisis situations (floods, earthquakes, etc.) and in remote and inaccessible places where power grid is unavailable, it can also be used in many other applications like camping and outdoor activities.

The generator is designed to operate in two modes: single charging mode and multi charging mode. In single charging mode the battery is simply connected to the generator and exposed to wind to charge the battery. In multi charging mode, the unique magnetized connector allows several generator units to be connected together to charge the same battery, therefore significantly maximizing power output.

Another unique feature is that the batteries are swappable and can be used independently by connecting the desired devices while the other battery is charging. Depending on the application, batteries of various capacities can be used
because the charging circuit is integrated into the battery instead of being in the generator which allows extreme flexibility to the user.

Compared to other products on the market Wind2Go generator is much smaller than standard wind generators and can offer almost the same power generation capabilities by its unique multi unit charging feature at a fraction of the cost.

Among other features, it is very easy to manufacture primarily because it is relying on standard injection molding technologies with very little machining requirements.

Please see the attached images for more information on the product, its features, benefits and capabilities.


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