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Problem Description (Explain the technical and business problems you are addressing) :-
Making a device for Complete utilization of the energy being generated by the rotation of the wheel on use of cycling machine either at gym or home. Basically the Idea is to utilize the energy of rotating wheel of cycling machine for applications where rotating energy can be utilized.

Solution (Proposed or implemented by me):-
when someone goes to gym and uses cycling machine for exercizing then rotation of wheel generates lot of enery.In my view this energy can be utilized for rotating wheel in applications such as washing machine etc. or as a input to dynamo which can further drive any electrical device like mobile charging equipment. This will have good impact in saving energy.

Novelty (Edge and uniqueness):-
Saving of Electrical Energy with cycling is an unique idea.
Power generation with lesser cost.


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    Sonu Gupta
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    SABER(SYNOPSYS Tool)for simulation.A350 Airbus Design.
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    Puzzle Solving,Playing badminton, Cooking
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    Linkdin, Orkut, Techpub, Nasatech, EDN, ECN etc
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    Every time i do the design I learn a lot by facing challanges and debug the issues.
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