Distributed Global Climate Change Analysis System

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Larger-than-life issues such as Global Climate Change can seem so complex that the non-scientist feels intimidated by the whole thing. The proposed distributed system would get the average citizen, family, school groups and other organizations directly involved.

The Distributed Global Climate Change Analysis System consists of a wireless thermometer which transmits temperature data to a USB receiver connected to a PC. Software on the PC collects the periodic temperature readings and transmits them to a website where they are stored. Since the user has previously registered their unique unit ID, the readings can now be associated with a specific geographic location. In this manner, temperature readings from a wide variety of environments around the world can be collected, analyzed and displayed.

Users will be able to monitor their local temperature with historic data from their area and with other locations around the planet by connecting to the website with a common browser. They will be able to see if local temperatures are above, below or at historic averages. Schools can use this system as a learning tool. Effective marketing will permit this system to be a global science and education tool.

Wireless thermometers and USB receivers are current, ubiquitous and inexpensive technology. Software development for the project would not require huge effort. The entire endeavor would be relatively inexpensive to implement. Historic temperature data sets are readily available.

An initial purchase price for the unit and software will entitle the user, school group, etc, to 1 year of participation. Renewals will permit continued participation.


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