High End Desktop Audio System

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This is a high end audio system intended as a jukebox system but capable of being the central computer for a mobile life. It has stereo sound with 15 watts per channel in a sealed cabinet design. The screen is 9" and is a touch screen which is what's used for most functions. it has 2 USB ports in front as well as an SD card slot so that any SUB devices can be plugged in and it will function like any other computer. The software is based off Logiitech Squeezebox server and Squeezeplayer but can also utilize iTunes or any other media software. The buttons are intended as presets/shortcuts to favorite radio stations or programs. A joystick is used for basic track navigation and has a typical volume knob so control output. Tha back panel will have VGA out for connecting to a larger monitor as well as another USB port and line out configuration for connecting to a powered subwoofer or other audio system. It also has a portable hard drive dock so that music can be added externally as well and then docked in the radio. It will be powered by a laptop style inline power supply thus necessitating only one plug for everything. This system could be used as a bedside radio, a kitchen system, a college dorm room system. It has the capability to watch Netflix and Hulu... but it would be best suited as a high end system utilized by someone with vintage tastes and furniture/appliances but modern needs...


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    Jemmi Mcdonald
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  • Jemmi's favorite design and analysis tools:
    Solidworks, Pro E, 3D Studio Max
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  • Jemmi's hobbies and activities:
    Motorcycle riding, converting vintage electronics
  • Jemmi is inspired by:
    I like vintage looks in everything from houses to radios but I am a modern girl... I like to bring those designs up to date so they maintain their vintage looks, but provide a modern usefulness. For example, I have several antique radios from the 30's and 40's that only play AM radio IF they even work. I have taken the guts out and put in Mini ITX motherboards or laptop motherboards and utilize all of the original controls, but have each utilize a modern purpose. Oftentimes I use touch screens with the screen embedded such that it does not stand out. These systems then have the capability to do almost anything yet still maintain a vintage looks
  • Hardware used for this entry:
    Dell 9300 Laptop with upgraded video card and ram
    Software used for this entry:
    Solidworks 2010
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