Bucket Ape Tile and Grout Installation Tool

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Clean water in, Dirty water out. Like no other tool on the market, Bucket Ape leverages standard items that most people already have in their possession. Most importantly, Bucket Ape benefits Professionals and DIY’ers by saving time, money and helps to protect their health. Leading to a better quality of life, not only for the worker, but a business owner also.

Bucket Ape provides a continuous source of clean water. Place a Bucket Ape into the top of any standard five gallon bucket. Insert a garden hose into the specially designed hose receptacle on the Bucket Ape, and turn on the water to start filling it with fresh clean water. All the dirty water drains from the Bucket Ape into the five gallon bucket below and drains out of the bucket through another attached garden hose. Your clean up time is reduced since you are rinsing it with clean water instead of progressively dirtier water.

With a continuous source of clean water, your cleanup time is cut by more than half while reducing your risk of repetitive stress disorders. Bucket Ape (10 lbs) moves around the room with you, and your knees will thank you since you don’t have to get up and down constantly while hauling bucket after bucket of water.. For a 1600 sq ft house, you can haul 48 buckets of water (or nearly a TON of water!) or you can pull 10 lbs around with you for half the time. The choice is clear.

Bucket Ape conserves water: (e.g., Cleaning 50 Square ft of tile)
Traditional cleaning Using the Bucket Ape (0.4 gpm flow rate)
Water 10 Gallons 3.6 Gallons
Weight 80 lbs 10 lbs
Time 20 minutes 9 minutes

Makes the most hated (tedious) job of tiling... grout cleanup... painless!
Less than 2 cents a square foot to never haul water again.
Bucket Ape is significantly cheaper (1%-10% of comparable items)
More efficient cleaning
No wasted time walking buckets
In today's economy, making the most of resources is essential. Do you really want to be paying someone to haul buckets of water?
Reduce risk of Repetitive stress disorder – Kness, Back, shoulders, etc.
Less exhaustion from not having to lift 40 lbs over and over.
Less back and knee pain and inflammation.
No risk of trip injury since you aren’t hauling the buckets.
Less risk of injury means fewer worker's comp claims to get frustrated with.
No more job delays from injured workers.

The Bucket Ape is operated in three different modes: Siphon, Pump, or Free Standing. It operates from 0.4 gpm to 6 gpm.

Bucket Ape solves the age old problem of hauling buckets of water for tile & grout cleaning, water extraction, and smoke damage cleanup or any place you need a portable sink or small parts washer.

Manufacturing is by injection molding, all features that can be utilized to optimize the flushing of “dirty water” from the Bucket Ape can be incorporated in an economical solution to a pragmatic problem.


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