Cyclic Home Gym

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CYCLIC HOME GYM It is an exercise fitness machine designed to provide gravity and resistance training so the user can bulk up his/her muscles in no time while getting a defined cut definition and weight loss.It provides the best of all fitness machines in the market with regards to gravity and resistance training principles.This fitness machine satisfies the needs that consumers look for when they go to the gym.One single machine provides all exercises equivalent to a 200 m2 area of fitness machines found at any gym anywhere.It works like this: you start out working out in the gravity section of the machine.As you build more resistance and strength you switch to the free weight section of it increasing your muscle size while getting a cut and defined shape.If you want to increase power you can do so by putting more weight in the free weight section.


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    Ignacio Jose Quesada
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    computer,internet,personal engineering notes,scientific calculator,notebooks
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    how obsolete rocket engines are nowdays,lack of means of private transportation thru air.
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    compaq lap top
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    scanned drawings,word
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