PETRA and POLO: Two atmospheres, one unique design

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If we just use our senses we can feel the threat to our precious planet Earth. We all feel the increasing of the temperature, the abrupt climatic changes, the defrosting of the Arctic (North Pole) putting in danger the survival of so many species, especially the Polar Bear.
Also the extreme dryness of countries in the Middle East and Africa with desert landscapes is becoming present in Mediterranian Countries in the South of Europe. The origins and consequences of all these changes in our environment constitute the starting point for my approach for creating a new line of sanitary products with the following subject - How to create better ecologic baths in urban houses?

How to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energies sources, high consumption and waste of water/energy in our bathrooms and help to improve the ambient, ensuring its sustainability and greater social equality?

Polo - North Pole, the land of Ice, and Petra - the Red Rose City, inspired me. The people of Petra - The Nabataeans were experts in collecting rainwater using water channels, pipes, and storing it in underground cisterns. Added to this, they developed very strong, waterproof cement (plastered cement composed of water-resistant plaster of unmatched quality), some of which is still in existence to this day. They also developed sophisticated ceramic pipelines and reservoirs using gravity feeds (siphons or inverted siphons), that served the developing urban centers. Outside of the cities, dams closed off wadis to collect water during the rainy season, while stone circles or terraces retarded runoff from slopes and trapped valuable topsoil so that their irrigation lines could feed crops.

The New Bath Collections will have innovative ways of use and reuse of water, inspired in the Nabateans water systems for a real change in the consumer habits of urban populations in benefit of poor people. By creating two new relaxing atmospheres, one reproducing the ice and colors of North Pole and the other the natural red rose stone of Petra will give the user a new connection of leisure and proximity with Nature and the natural element - the water, in a way of seeing it as an essencial source of his well being and learning to preserve it.

To reduce the costs of production of these new lines, it´s my intent to integrate the faucet and washbasin in one unique piece of art with an inovative design. It will be produced with one single mold and made with recyclable materials using local resources and/or using recycled material composed of post-industrial scrap waste from factories (for example: ceramic waste, fly-ash, dust and fine flake brass milling scrap deriving from burnish and production of brass hardware and faucets, imperfect parts, end life-cycle products). Using materials with low impact on the environment or that are truly sustainable because they are 100% recyclable or biodegradable and that don´t compromise the design and function of products.


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