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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has gained enormous popularity to access and transmit multimedia content for personal and commercial purposes. MMS is becoming increasingly important to cell phone communication applications, including personalized audios, videos, photographs, product advertisements, marketing, medical technology, and many others. However, there are various problems associated with existing MMS technologies. Currently, cell phone users can only exchange texts and images via direct messaging service. Audio and video messages can only be sent indirectly as an email attachment link (an email account is created with respective service provider) to the receiver. This indirect path of sending and receiving audio/video messages requires higher GPRS usage time, therefore increasing cost to the user. In addition, the maximum allowed size for sending audio/video for most networks is 200 kB and less per message. Accessing audio/video message at the receiver’s end is another issue. Only some phones are capable of downloading audio/video content while others are not. Therefore, the phones that are not capable of downloading audio/video messages, have to follow the link each time they want to view it. This is not desirable because some providers charge customers each time they access the message via that link.

Considering the vast applications of MMS in different market segments and limitations of existing solutions, Hasa Infotech has developed a java enabled mobile application called MOBISNIP (patent pending). A prototype of MOBISNIP has been tested and has shown significant improvements and benefits over existing technologies. MOBISNIP utilizes personalized server, deigned to meet users’ need, and our developed API and web service. MOBINIP application can allow users to transmit and receive audio/video messages of approximately five to ten times the size of currently allowed limit. Audio/video messages are sent instantly and not as email attachments, thereby reducing GPRS time and thus reducing the cost to the user. Any message can be downloaded as long as one has the application installed on the cell phone, thus eliminating the need to follow the link and lowering cost to the user. Audios and videos can be instantly uploaded via our web service that can be integrated with any platform. MOBISNIP not only extends existing capabilities to a higher level, but can also provide users with unique features like scheduled MMS transmission and reception capability, bulk MMS capability, 3G compatibility, higher rate of data transfer, and live streaming. Apart from potential applications mentioned earlier, MOBISNIP will enable audio and/or video authentication capability that can be used for security or activation purposes. MOBISNIP, because of all these enhancements and new features, can be beneficial to government agencies, banks, schools, advertizing companies, hospitals, and many more. MOBISNIP application can be easily mass manufactured and distributed to customers through service providers or as a stand alone product. The product cost to the user will depend upon which route he takes to purchase this application. MOBISNIP, with further ongoing research, promises to expand cell phone service capabilities by improving MMS competencies and bringing the world of MMS to a whole new level.


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