Advanced Key To Prevent Key Locked Inside Vehicle

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This Advanced Key and System allows to prevent Key locked inside the Vehicle. It is normally very frustrating and difficult when door is locked with the key inside. This system uses sensor in Key and Vehicle Door. The system uses Logical programming which is as follows.
1.When Key is not inside the Vehicle door works normally as any another vehicle.
2.If Key is inside the Vehicle Door will not lock And alarm rings Warning that Door is not locked
Based on the Second Condition following logic is used to control locking and unlocking of driver door.

• If Driver and Advanced key are inside the car and when Door hits the car side frame the Button inside the car is pressed to lock the door and to prevent alarm ring when closing the vehicle from inside.

• If door is opened and not in touch with Vehicle side frames the alarm doesn’t ring

• If people is outside the vehicle and advanced key inside when the door hits the car side frame during closing, it doesnot lock and alarm rings. Driver needs to remove the key from the vehicle to stop alarm and to lock as in normal door.

The system can requires little modification to the Vehicle.


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