"Akimbo" Field Folio

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A folio and writing surface for drawing or writing pad, which opens 360 degrees, allowing for ease of use in the field as well as compact desk use. It provides a new and elegant alternative to the messy appearance and extra use of hard-to-recycle metal or plastic spiral binding; and also to the inconvenience of folios that are not made to open 360 degrees and hence are cumbersome or short-lived due to fatigue of the spine material.

The innovation consists of a hinged spine, with a variable number of divisions in the sleeves, attached to the cover panels by a flexible membrane.

Various methods of closure for the folio are possible but not necessary.

The hinge ‘pin’ is conceived as a tube of rigid material; (recycled plastic, metal or even bamboo or hollow reed)
capped on the ends to allow storage of writing/drawing implements.

Suitable materials for construction include: most fibers; woven, felted or non-directionally laid; leather; recycled plastic films, with cardboard or other stiffening inside the front and back panels.


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  • Name:
    Kimmerjae Johnson
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    Sculptor/Landscape Designer
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    meditative mind; language; graphite & paper; clay; Google SketchUp
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    songwriting & performing; gardening
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    Twitter, LinkedIn
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    A vision of human life on Earth that is more integrated; celebratory; peaceful.
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    Google SketchUp Pro
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