E’llipse The Traveler Timepiece

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Sleek and minimal? Check. Large screen? Check. Oodles of tech? Check, check and check! E’llipse is a watch to end all watches. Why? Because it has a fancy processor and the latest algorithms in human-machine learning. Yes it learns you! It knows what you want and keeps you up to date. That’s not all. ZigBee and Bluetooth modules enable better indoor localization, an impossible feat for GPS. The UI is based on widgets – one for every kind; time, weather, calendar and a custom API lets developers get creative.

We’ve all heard about smartphones, but it’s very rare that we come across a “smart watch”. This is one of the fanciest watches you will ever find. Targeted for frequent traveller, users are able to manage the travelling process from the moment of booking a flight to the moment of looking for a cab in the airport. E’llipse is equipped with the latest wireless technology which allows localization of the user in indoor spaces (up to 15 cm precision) and delivers prompt and accurate updates for flights and needs. Exclusive design for the electronics and the latest algorithms in human-machine learning, the timepiece revolutionaries the concept of timepieces by providing the user contextual and up to date information on the wrist. Not only users can easily switch the display to different modes and select the information to be displayed and combined, this watch actually knows what users want and will let the users know all about it.

The timepiece is provided with a set of software widgets like flight management, time synchronization and sleep aid to minimize jet lag. Apart from communication with laptops, PDA and domestic appliances, developers can provide additional widgets that make use of the E’llipse APIs allowing a vast choice of additional tools that the user can download and install.

Inspired by the idea of creating a functional accessory and a piece of fashion statement at the same time, this minimalist piece of technology stylishly lays on your wrist. Its enormous screen with minimalist surfaces and smooth contours suggest ideas such as high technology and ease of use, the result is an elegant object with a futuristic air about it.

E’llipse answers to the need of the next convergence time telling device which blends the functionality and performances in a stylish and glanceable format. Designed to solve the ergonomic issues presented by many wristbands, the spring-loaded hinge allows better flexibility. The curvature of the bracelet is carefully defined by three points of contact with the wrist to provide light and secure fit. Parts can be produced by High Pressure Die casting, follow by PVD coating to enhance the surface properties and finishing.

Futuristic and elegant design in tune with its almost endless possibilities, this cutting edge timepiece is without a doubt pioneers in the new generation of technological accessories.


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