Golf Ball Washer

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The personal “Golf Ball Washer” is a concept product for addressing an inconvenient aspect of our beloved game. Often the course supplied ball washers are either empty or contaminated from previous players. This product addresses these issues by providing a personalized unit that rides in the cup holder of any golf cart or can be attached to your bag. The tri bevel gear design allows a tumbling action guaranteed to produce a superior wash with no more operator effort than inserting the ball and pressing a simple retriever/ejector when the wash is completed. Additional value added enhancements include a sure grip soft rubber exterior and the ability to eject the scrubbing assembly for cleansing in the family dishwasher.
The “Golf Ball Washer” is a truly unique gift with a practical and useful benefit for the beginner golfer or the course pro. The golf ball washer is battery operated or rechargeable batteries can be used. Based on average usage and run times a set of batteries would last 2 to 3 months for the bi-weekly golfer.
Manufacturing is entirely injected mold plastic and the soft rubber grip sleeve. Modest assembly times are projected and manufacturing costs would allow a very acceptable retail pricing structure. Golf pro shops, driving ranges and major retail sporting goods outlets would be prime venues for this product.


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