Smart Glass

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The theft device is located in the front exterior windshield glass and laminated on the exterior rear glass of an automobile. The words “STOLEN” or “CARJACKED” will illuminate on the exterior windshield or rear glass when improper entry has occurred.

For example, when a car has been started with the key, the exterior front windshield or rear glass will have no trace of the words stolen or carjack.On the other hand when a car has been started by forced entry, the word “STOLEN” will be shown on the exterior front or rear glass, the device comes with an on and off wireless remote control to be used in case of a carjacking. Once the assailant has driven off with ther car, the victim can immediately activate the word “CARJACKED” by using the remote control or GPS system. This will be helpful in alerting the police that the car has been stolen or carjacked and warns both pedestrians and other vehicles to alert proper authorities to quickly evaluate the situation.Note that the person driving cannot see the message being displayed from the inside.

The benefits include: Alerts police and pedestrians that an auto theft is in progress, warns pedestrians and other motorists to alert proper authorities, assist authorities and insurance companies with recovery of vehicles. This device can also be used as an advertising/ logo device... Please visit our website for more pictures and information on our new Smart Glass Device at ( For more information please call Jerry Alexander at 901-947-9001 or Jerry Alexander Jr at 901-859-9157


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