Extended Memory Digital Camera

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Normally, digital cameras will have one removable Memory Card. After you have taken a picture, it is normally stored in this Memory Card. If you want to share any picture while on a vacation with co-vacationers, you need to go to a computer to copy the picture. You have to save this picture to a memory card and then share it with your co-vacationers. (Some cameras allow transfer through Bluetooth.)
If a computer is not available, you cannot share the pictures.
My proposal is to have two Removable Memory Cards in one Digital Camera. Now you can copy the picture (or video) that you want to share into the second Removable Memory Card, which can then be shared with co-vacationers or others. Similarly, you can copy pictures and videos from your co-vacationers, into your Camera. You can do all this without the need of a computer right where you are in a remote location.
Some of the other advantages in having the second Memory Card are:
• You can use the second Memory Card as a Backup card.
• It doubles the total storage capacity of the Camera.
• The second Memory Card slot acts as a storage space for the spare Memory Card.
• You can copy your favorite pictures into this Card for easy access.


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