Rain Guides

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Rain Guides

Idea/invention for moving water through the landscape which celebrates the amenity of water rather than burying it. It is ideal for use with rain barrels and rain gardens. The use of this invention promotes conservation of natural resources by slowing the flow of stormwater, directing it through the landscape for percolation through the soil rather than dumping it as quickly as possible into municipal storm drainage systems.

The invention/idea is a very easily molded modular recycled plastic or ceramic nesting half-cylinder, narrowed enough at the inside end to give enough play to allow turning of elements so that a line of the Rain Guides may follow varying curves in the landscape.

Water flow is adjusted by rudimentary grading and/or by adjusting the traverse of a hillside. The line of Rain Guides is best set in a bed of sand or pea gravel to prevent or minimize erosion under the installation, but will function set in soil also.

The idea/invention can utilize mixed-plastic scrap in manufacture, including carpet scrap with high levels of filler. Many form variations are possible using this concept - for instance, adding a flat-topped flange on one or both sides so that the installation can serve as planting bed edging as well. The elements can be made in a range of colors to serve different landscape palettes for the landscape designer.


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    Kimmerjae Johnson
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    Sculptor/Landscape Designer
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    meditative mind; language; graphite & paper; clay; Google SketchUp
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    songwriting & performing; gardening
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    Twitter, LinkedIn
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    A vision of human life on Earth that is more integrated; celebratory; peaceful.
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    Google SketchUp Pro
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