DOME: a safe saucepan lid

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DOME is a saucepan accessory that can be used instead of a regular lid.

In fact, the problem with a regular lid is that when we take it off the saucepan, we don’t know where to put it:
a) we can keep it in our hand but it isn’t easy to cook then ;
b) we can also leave it on the kitchen worktop but then, it will soil it;
c) or we can leave it upside down on the worktop but if it’s hot and it is dangerous : we can get burned.

So, the solution is DOME !
It is a lid that is a dome that we don’t need to take off the saucepan: you just open it! There is just an axis and semi-spheric parts that rotates around this axis. There shall have a range of different sizes of dome to fit different sizes of sauce pan. The dome simply adapts on the saucepan top and it can be easily removed, in order to be washed. To close it, the two parts of the handle can be brought together by clipsage. Then, they can be separated very simply. We don’t need to touch hot parts, so it prevents injuries, and as it is known, domestic accidents are very numerous. Finally, at the end of the preparation time, it can be used as a dish cover you add some “show” to the meal.

Today, cooking is a leisure that is growing, as we can see on medias, so this kind of cooking improvement accessory really has a market! Also, as these parts aren’t so hard to manufacture and can easily be made in number, the price will be attractive.

This device is made of silicon polymers. Silicones can resist cooking temperatures and what is very important, do not emit anything toxic. Also, it is easy to find natural resources to make it: earth crust mainly consists of silica.
The number of parts is very low as moving parts are all the same (they can be deformed a little while they are assembled, so the diameter can be the same for each part).

At the end of the product lifecycle the different parts can be separated and recycled in the traditional recycling process.


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