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Traditionally, shoes are purchased by the single pair and expected to be durable for a year or more. After the traditional shoe life cycle the shoes are thrown away with the rest of the landfill waste.

The reconcile concept changes the way we think about our casual footwear and it's environmental impact. Instead of purchasing one pair of shoes to last a year the reconcile shoes are purchased in a six pack and only expected to last two months per pair. Each shoe is made of 100% wool which makes them 100% biodegradable. Wool is also a naturally sustainable resource which makes it different from most shoes made from unsustainable synthetic materials.

There is no tooling required to manufacture reconcile footwear which gives it a near zero carbon foot print and reduces the cost of the product to the consumer. Assembly consists of a simple woven pattern with a hand stitched sole and a wool shoelace threaded through the weave. At the end of the shoes life the wool will biodegrade releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Reconcile shoes are not designed for traditional support and durability. The "barefoot" feel of the shoes will strengthen the wearers foot and encourage a more natural form of walking. Competition in the barefoot shoe category is small but growing, however, those shoes are still sold by the single pair, relatively expensive, and their disposal is not environmentally responsible.

The reconcile shoe is the best footwear option for casual use at home, school, or at the office.


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