Automation of Holiday Light Hanging

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Decorative light fixtures are sent out automatically by way of a track & cable assembly. The track mounts on the face of a building or the backside of a house facia. The decorative light fixtures are installed by way of hooking or plugging them in to the cable that is automatically sent out and when it is retracted in.

The decorative light fixtures then can be removed and the cable can be spooled or the decorative light fixtures can be left connected to the cable and stored in an optional storage area.

A motor driven cable system with bearings and pulley wheels to guide the cable through the track or also can be manually operated with a crank. The cable has hooks every six inches (6” o.c.) for the solar or a regular string of light fixtures to be hooked on and/or a hot low voltage electrical cable that has pig tails every six inches (6”o.c.) for the plug in (LED) light fixtures.

The product can be easley commercialized by selling and packaging a kit of (75 liner feet of track and cable, corners, and bearings). You also can sell additional track, extra bearings and corners as needed.

There is only a one time install of the track system that eliminates the need to install lights every year on your house or business.

This product eliminates the need to install string lights on a house or building and solves the problem of ladder related injuries, electrician, led exposure, and waste.

A marketable product with three models, three different price points to fit everyone’s budget. On going revenue with the sale of the new solar and Led decrotive lighting fixtures and themes, for all occasions and security that can be install year round .

Applications: Commercial Buildings, Residential homes, restaurants, bars, town homes, condominiums, high rise buildings, theme parks, cruses ships, yachts, party boats, security lighting.

Our product can be applied by home Owners, business Owners. Do it yourself stores and hired holiday light hangers.

Generating new games and/or activities for “Child/Day Care Facilites, Nursing homes. It brings unity and holiday sprit back to families.

Our original patented product was patented in one year showing it’s unqueness and originallty, it also is the solution for the traditional way of hanging strings of lights.

Our product is different by making holiday light hanging automated.

Our product is so advanced in technology that there are currently no other automated track/cable lighiting systems of it’s kind.

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