The Salsabol, the perfect bowl for dips and salsa

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The Salsabol is the obvious solution to a problem almost universally faced by anybody who is a fan of chips and dips. When scooping salsa in traditional bowls, it’s a common occurrence for the dip to get pushed above the rim and spill over the side of the bowl and onto the table. The current solutions are workaround involving spoons in the bowl, an absorbent placemat, or extra napkins on hand.

The Salsabol puts an end to this problem with a simple and elegant solution built into the design. It’s a dip bowl that features a concave rim which pushes the salsa or dip back onto the chip for the perfect scoop, every time.

This improved scooping ability is created by a concave rim that stretches 120 degrees around the circumference of the bowl. This rim folds back over the surface of the bowl with a “launch trajectory” of 108 degrees. When scooped against, this angulation prevents salsa from escaping to the outside surface of the bowl and ensures it all gets deposited onto the chip.

Easily manufacturable with a three-piece ceramic slip mold, the Salsabol can be mass-produced and brought to market with a relatively short lead-time. As it is such a simple and obvious concept, consumer understanding leading to mass-market appeal and adoption is easy to gain; yet even at small-scale it should be an almost immediately profitable product as the variable manufacturing costs would be low compared to the retail price.


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