Inflatable Lamp Shade

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Most of the small flashlights available on the market produce a focused beam of light suitable of pointing it in one direction and illuminating very small area. While camping or working in dark places like basement or attic it is more beneficial to have portable ambient light source.
This new idea provides a soft glowing light by reflecting beam of a build in LED lamp on to the translucent skin of its inflated balloon. The balloon in this proposal is in a shape of a table lamp suitable for use while i.e. cooking outdoors. It provides an ambient light instead of focused beam. Because the top of the shade does not allow the light through it is not blinding to a user while providing light on the working surface.

The base of the light holds a rechargeable battery pack and CO2 cartridge. When the top is twisted the shade inflates and the light turns on at the same time. There is a clear pointing arrow on the top part, indicating the direction of the turn, the arrow glows in the dark as well as is indented for tactual feel. Below the top part is a LED battery indicator visible from all sides. Base of the shade has a valve for deflating it as well as auxiliary inflation point when CO2 is not available.

This idea can be applied to multitude of balloon shapes providing ambient light in all direction etc… As a future development the balloon could be inflated with Helium and held on a longer line providing a high visibility ambient light. As a future development red glowing safety light can be created using the same system.

This idea has its uses in outdoor activates such as camping, boating, as a tent light etc, It can be used in tight working spaces, and anywhere else an ambient light source is needed.

The manufacturing of this product would be very simple; all the components currently exist on the market. Basically it consist of three main parts; base flashlight, CO2 system and inflatable shade.

This simple design improves outdoor experience and provides safer working environment where artificial light is required.

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