Wick ties people together

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We are in the century of the communication.

Each human being could get in touch with another on the opposite side of the globe.

We daily chat with people in different and far sides of the world.

Cell phones give us all we need: talk, write, movies, music, television, computer applications, gps…

OK? we are not sure.

Cell phone doesn’t give you the essence:

To know unknown people

Why people should have the need of another personal communication system?

Often we don't know our neighbour; He seems to be "40000km far from us".

Different kind of people may buy and enjoy Wick:

Young people eager to meet people; Elderly; Singles; people that needs to meet someone with certain features or hobbies;
Fans or keens on VIPs, soccer heroes, motor race… The people used to attend on Internet chats;
People already using radio systems and needing an improvement of service: professionals, sport teams and all teams in general.

Wick, how it works?

Wick is a telecommunication system for an instantaneous conference in a short-medium distance.
At least three people, user included, are connected in a conference.

Each device tags it’s own packets before transmission; when a wick receive packets belonging to different users, it rebuilds the streams separating different packets by means of the ID and time tag.
For each different incoming user, a buffer is created.
Buffers are synchronized one to each other using the time tags. After the synchronisation, Buffers are mixed and given to a Codec, for final audio output.
A good result is obtained with a simple packet protocol that allows a consistent fragmentation of the data stream. The use of standard and complex protocols, as we are used in cell phones, isn’t strictly necessary.
Wick also doesn’t use dedicated audio protocols or audio specific part of the protocol itself.

A wick device could be implemented with a transceiver, a microcontroller, ram, codec and user interface.
It seems like a cell phone.
Really all needed resources are already in a cell phone, so it’s advantageous and cheaper to realize wick into the phone itself.
Wick operates in a range up to 300m, in the ISM band.
The product creates an area of users linked together in a “chat net”.
Wick's network is independent from radio base stations and access points.

Business opportunity

Wick system will creates a big renew process of cell phones fleet, mostly substituted by the new "Wick Phone".
Short distance conference and data traffic could be charged a little, obtaining a dramatic increase of company’s revenues.

Few Investments: no new base stations for the new wick cell phones;
only an upgrade for smart cards is needed, in case of charging the traffic.

patent information

Wick is under European patent pending. Patent is available for reading.


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