Double Spritz

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Utilizing kinetic energy to "automatically" activate a non-aerosol pleasant spray, ridding restrooms (or portable restrooms) of unpleasant odors.

The product offers an immediate solution before entering a restroom which may have a lingering foul odor. As one opens the door to the restroom, the mere action of opening the door activates the spray...and as the door is closed (for privacy), the spray once again is activated. The name of the product is "Double Spritz."

Again, as the person exits the restroom, once the door is opened, the spray is activated, to eliminate any possible disagreeable odor, and once again when the door is closed. the second spray is activated.

The design features a cost effective module which attaches easily to the "pin" contained in common door hinges. It is designed to accomodate several size hinges used on doors, as they vary in depth.

The invention features a unique cam system powered by a spring which allows the single activator "arm" to move 180 degrees as the door is opened and once again when the door is closed. As the activator "arm" moves in a horizontal track, the spring pushes the the cam upward to release a pre-determined quantity of scent into the restroom. By automatically releasing the pre-determined amount of scent twice, (before entering the room) we can confidently assume the foul odor will be eliminated quickly.


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