All-in-One Shower Spa

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The All-in-One Shower Spa is the efficient modern way to take a shower for any individual. This convenient system would be a superb way to improve the daily lives of its users as well as the environment. It does so by reducing the amount of time needed to bathe since the Shower Spa dispenses soaps and shampoos without the user fumbling in the shower with the bottles and their lids. It also uses less soap, shampoo, moisturizer or conditioner since the All-in-One Shower Spa adds these liquids directly into the shower water as it exits the showerhead, which disperses the liquid more effectively. So it is reducing water usage and water pollution. It would not even need batteries or external power since it would operate from the water pressure in the shower itself. Not only that but it is easy to install. The quick four step installation makes it possible for anyone to add this to their bathroom with the use of no more than two tools (adjustable wrench and possibly a screwdriver).

1. The showerhead is removed temporarily.
2. Then the device is mounted to the shower wall by strong double stick adhesive or by fasteners (with the use of the screwdriver).
3. The dual line adapter is attached from where the showerhead was removed.
4. The showerhead is attached to the other side of the adapter.

The Shower Spa is ready to be filled and put to use. By placing your fingertip in the recess of one of the lids on the top, the user can pull forward gently to swing the unit out into filling position. The unit sealing lid is hinged in the back to allow access to fill the dispenser without completely removing it. Once filled the lid reseals the dispenser, and only allows air to enter the chamber as the liquid dispenses at the bottom. The unit is gently pushed back into its dispensing position. After you have placed all your shower needs into the dispensing bank, you can simply store away all those cumbersome bottles away from your shower area until your next refill. The front panel of each dispenser is clear to allow the user to visually recognize their product by color. In addition, convenient writeable/removable labels can be included to mark the product in each dispenser. The whole dispenser bank can also be modular so more or less dispensers can be attached as needed
To operate while in the shower, simply push the button underneath your choice once to begin dispensing, use as needed then push the button again to stop dispensing. The Shower Spa will only allow one product to be used at a time and water continually flushes the line if no buttons are pushed to dispense. This keeps the line clear of any residue clogging it.


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