Bottle without cap

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For reduction of environmental pollution we have to look for solutions how to reduce the amount of parts concerning consumer products. Here, a plastic bottle is presented, that does not need a cap for closing it.
For closing the bottle neck is folded and the opening of the bottle is inserted in an adequate counterpart which is an integrated part of the bottle design. There the bottle opening is fixed by the elastic structure and it can be pulled out manually to open the bottle. However this structure protects the bottle opening from impurities.
But the real and important sealing of the bottle is at the point of folding at the bottle neck. By folding a tight sealing can be guaranteed, as it is known from folding of a garden hose to stop water flow.
The bottle can be closed and opened many times. Of course, the folding stresses the material, but on the other hand the bottle will be opened and closed not many times, if one thinks how often common bottles are used.
There is a groove in the bottle neck to define the place of folding which is necessary to place the bottle opening in its fixing at the right position.
It is probably a further advantage of the design, that opening and closing of the bottle can be done by using only one hand.


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