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It is a common phenomenon that people tend to forget smalls things like Keys Mobile, Purse etc. when they travel or go to some other places carrying these things. We also keep losing these things whenever we are in a hurry. I want to propose a device which will signal an alarm to the owner of those objects once he has reached a distance away from the object. The device would work on the principle of Bluetooth. Since we know that Bluetooth operates up to a certain distance (maybe up to 2-5 metres.). Now whenever the person moves away from this distance the Bluetooth link breaks and a beep is generated. Hence the person knows that the object (like keys etc., he has left). Hence the proposed product has two parts, the main indicator with Bluetooth receiver attached and several small Bluetooth plugs which can be attached to the object to be kept under observation.
This operator could be quite handy for those persons who usually leave out small but very important things like cell phone, keys, laptops etc. when they travel from place to place. It is easy to use with simple functions and simple to manufacture with simple circuitry. The price of this product can range from $10 to $15. The aforesaid mentioned products can also very helpful in reducing theft of these things.


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