Multi-Film Creation System

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A system for displaying multiple video/audio programs from at least one database of stored video/audio segments such that the program displayed is a non-repeating permutation of such stored segments each time the program is run. That is, each time the system is operated, it generates a new film from stored film content. This provides something of a solution to the problem of the "the tyrrany of the director" - in that in existing film content, each time the film is displayed, it is always the same chronology of events and images that are shown - whereas this system permits a multitude of different films to be seen each time the film content is displayed.

Thus, there is a programming component to this project. In addition, there is a filmic element in which multiple segments are specifically shot in order to be displayed by the program component of the system.

I am in the process of storyboarding approximately 25 video segments for implementation by the system, each segment representing a key memory of my own. Thus, stripped down to its most essential description, the system is a film project for displaying memories, a sort of video diary, in a non-chronological and permutated fashion, so that each time the system is run, a different set of memories are juxtaposed and displayed to the viewer. Of course, these need not be real memories, or real events - the system would work just as well, so long as the film segments are carefully prepared so that they can be juxtaposed with each other to tell a story.

In another way of describing the system, each time a video disc (or other storage medium) comprising the appropriate programming and video/audio databases is inserted into an appropriate player, a different film is displayed.

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