Thumbtack Remover

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Inventor Alleyne developed this clever innovation, which is a specialized device that easily removes thumbtacks from bulletin boards and securely retains them as to prevent them from falling onto the floor. The device has a handgrip on one end and an adapted slot with an angled projection to slide under the head of a thumbtack on the other end. A retention slide covers the slot so that the removed thumbtack can be held in place as long as the device is held upright, allowing the user to remove the tack from a surface and drop it into their other hand or into a container without it falling onto the floor. The handle has an area for imprinting corporate logos, promotional messages or the like. The use of the Thumbtack Remover allows for the removal of thumbtacks in a manner that is easy and efficient."> />



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    Paul Alleyne
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    artist, inventor
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