Compound Handle Nail Puller

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Utilizing patented features, this new design has all of the necessary characteristics of a revolution in nail pulling and fastener removal!

This new hand tool concept combines the age old lever and fulcrum with the utilization of a second pivot point to increase the power to the "tips" of this tool to grip headless nails that are flush with the surface of used wood or other construction debris allowing rapid and effective removal of any metal fasteners. This effectiveness and simplicity make it more likely that people from professionals in the deconstruction/demolition business all the way to the consumer will be more like to reuse their perfectly good wood and other components.

Compound handles create 50% more gripping power to the head of this revolutionary tool design. There is an area at the back of the head which allows the user to "tap" it with a hammer to get fasteners that are flush and below the surface of the material.

In a tight economy, a tool must exhibit quality and usefulness while remaining affordable. This tool, because of the handle design, will be low profile for easy storage, while being lightweight but powerful. This Compound Nail Jack will pay for itself in both timesaving and recycling returns on use!


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