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DisplayScore - LCD score viewer for Musicians

Have you gone to a concert? And did you see a musician make some effort to change the page of the score while playing the instrument? Well, this equipment is useful because the musician doesn't need to use his hands to change the page. It’s an LCD screen that has USB ports to load the scores, a pad or touchscreen to select the score and adjust the size of the score in the screen, and some buttons to adjust the brightness and contrast. Also, it includes characteristics like detection of smile, wink right or left eye, tilt of the head, etc. (like in the actual cameras) and the user can set which of the movements of your face is used to change the page of the score and change the score to the next one. Moreover, the user can set one movement to make page up and another movement to make page down. Other characteristics are: reverse the colors to see the notes on white and the background on black or with colors if the user prefers, some movement of detection camera located at the top of the screen and support of .pdf and .jpg files.
Finally, the user can record his interpretation and hear it when he finishes or store any other music like in an MP3 player, supporting several software formats.
This DisplayScore has a software interface based on Linux like in the routers or switches, a battery for five operation hours at least and a Velcro ribbon to fix the equipment to the music stand.


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