Thermo-Charge System

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Aivaka has created the Thermo-Charge System. This is an energy harvesting system that creates electric power from the difference between human body temperature and outside air. This can be used as a backup power source to charge the batteries in consumer electronic devices such as cell phones and MP3 players.

Too often, people get lost while skiing, hiking, or mountain climbing, and if they have a cell phone with them their battery runs out of power so they cannot call for help. Aivaka’s Thermo-Charge System can generate enough power to make that life saving emergency phone call. A snow-skier or day hiker wearing a headband housing our device could charge their cell phone or MP3 player for regular use. There would be no more worry about running out of power during multiple downhill slides or long hikes. No more worry about a dead battery during a long day outdoors or being stuck in snow after an accident with no way to call for help due to a dead battery.

The Thermo-Charge System uses off-the-shelf thermoelectric generators (TEG) combined with our customized microchip. This system can generate enough power to make an emergency phone call or charge most any type of portable electronic device while away from a power outlet, off the grid or away from civilization for an extended period of time. The Thermo-Charge System uses the temperature difference between the body and the outside air to create electrical energy. The bigger the difference between body temperature and ambient temperature, the more power is generated. For example, when the temperature is 85?F (30?C) the system will generate around 15mW of power but the power generated increases to around 200mW at 50?F (10?C), 350mW at 32?F (0?C), and around 500mW at 14?F (-10?C).

There is nothing like this solution currently available in the consumer electronics market space. Solutions in other markets or in development by R&D labs normally target either the ultra low power niche such as medical sensory applications (~1mW or less) or the very high temperature automotive and industrial markets (150?C or higher). The Thermo-Charge System works with TEG voltages from as low as 25mV to greater than 1V. The other solutions work for a much narrower temperature range and thus are not suited to the wider temperature variations found in outdoor environments or they do not provide enough power to be useful for charging consumer electronics devices.

The Thermo-Charge System is the ideal solution to the need for portable power and charging on the go since it acts as a continuous battery charger during work as well as play. The Thermo-Charge System could be built into garments such as headbands and knit caps, and would be affordably priced at less than $85. If the device charges from a USB port, no special adapter will be needed. Just plug it into the Thermo-Charge System and go play.


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