Universal Flight Computer for High Power Rocketry

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The third generation modular Universal Flight Controller (UFC-3) was designed for the high end amateur high power rocketeer, primarily flights above 60,000' and for FAA Class III Rocketry.

It is the only system available the offers over a dozen different modules and can start with a single module for minimal flight control to an eight module (network expandable) system with 200 MHz. CPU, 256 MB flight log memory, high altitude altimeter, dual accelerometers, long range telemetry (uplink and downlink), GPS (including COCOM limit removal), 3-Axis Inertial Sensor, up to 32 16-bit ADC channels, external and internal powered Pyro Modules, Battery Modules and the most recent Open System Developers Module that allows low cost development of custom functions with the ability to use any part of the system for the designers purpose. A special derivation of this design is being used to impliment a canard controller for flight stabiliztion using the OSD and Inertial Sensor modules.

All flight control and data logging functions are user programmable through a simple control script interface.


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    Tom Miller
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    Mentor Design Capture/Expedition PCB
    IAR Workbench
    PSoC Creator
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    HIgh Power Rocketry, Ultra Marathon Cycling
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    Linkedin, TRA Forum
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    Creative outlet in a variety of fields. Offering advanced electronics in amateur high power rocketry that would not otherwise be available to the individual.
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