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Traditional pressure-boundary piping gaskets, such as pipe flanges and valve body-to-bonnet joints, can leak due to many factors.

My name is Troy McCurry.I was a Tool Designer for the Jacobs Manufacturing Co. from 1993 thru 1998. In 1998 Jacobs Manufacturing Co. moved all production off-shore. 300 American jobs left as well.

Our reliance on fossil fuels has been a problem for generations and in the near future we will see a global crisis resulting from this dependence.

A new approach for enhancing joints’ properties based on the epoxysiliconorganic glue by simultaneously integrating micro- and nanosized fillers into a glue formulation has been proposed. It has been revealed that it results in a more than threefold increase in the glue joint’s thermoresistability.

If anything good could be said about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it would be that it has alerted us to our unpreparedness. It is my intention to remedy that with this device.

In normal Scuba device when the tanks are emptied we have to go to land to charge the tank with compressed air which allows less time to be spent underwater.
This Equipment allows more time to be spent in water by charging the tank in the sea itself.

The Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy reported the electrical consumption of the US in 2001 as 1,140 billion kilo-watts/hr.

16% of the reported usage is air-conditioning and refrigeration or 182.4 billion Kw/hr.

It is in a form of a wristwatch which is tied over the wrist of all passengers individually at the security check. It is locked on the wrist and can be opened using a password only at disembarkation point. This system contains an injectable tranquilizer inside it.

Power system automation is something that will prevent electrical thefts, accidents and also provide automatic billing and load management. In this work we have actually built three systems -- a basic system, enhanced system and further enhanced system.

* Here is a product that speeds and improves work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

* The novel backpressure regulator that opens or "cracks" at low pressures in chemical environments is the "Magnetic Backpressure Regulator".

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